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Net Neutrality

GOP Plans to Fight Net Neutrality… Including Possible Defunding of the FCC

The Wall Street Journal ran a story today (Republicans Lay Plans to Fight FCC’s Net-Neutrality Rules), but they hid it behind their pay wall.  If you’ve got a subscription, you can read the article above.  If not, that’s OK…  Android Authority also ran a story covering the GOP fight of Net Neutrality at Republicans will try to defund the FCC if net neutrality moves forward.

Net Neutrality advocates want the FCC to classify broadband providers as a utility which would allow the FCC to actually have authority over rules/regulations already in place. At the moment, the FCC’s power is minimal at best. But according to Republicans, net neutrality is a “step too far” and “regulatory overreach by the FCC” and that such rules could hurt future progress with cyber-security and wireless spectrum.

Android Authority went on to quote WSJ:

In the House, a Republican staffer for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which oversees the FCC, said lawmakers won’t know what steps they will take until they see the agency’s final plan. But all options are on the table, he said, including legislation to block reclassification and cutting the agency’s budget.