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Amateur Radio Operator Larry Rodan, Silent Key

LarryRodanK4LLRLarry Rodan, K4LLR, passed away Saturday, June 10, in Milford, DE after an unexpected illness.

Mr. Rodan (formerly KA3MIY) was an active member of several ham radio organizations including W4CN Amateur Radio Transmitting Society of Louisville (serving as a board member for 2 years), KY4KY Bullitt Amateur Radio Society, the Kentucky DX Association KY4XX, and was also a committee member for the Greater Louisville Hamfest.  While in Delaware, he served as a past member and past President of the Kent County Amateur Radio Club, and was the club’s first Hamfest Coordinator.

First licensed in 1984, Larry posted on his QRZ page that his hobbies included camping, attending bluegrass festivals, and spending time with his pets.

Larry truly enjoyed ham radio and worked various special events and stations to include National Weather Service Skywarn Recognition Days, ARRL Field Day, the GLHA Hamfest, among others, and will be missed by friends, family, and fellow amateur operators.

New ARRL Band Charts Now Available

Serving as an easier-to-use supplement to their online Frequency Allocation resources, the Amateur Radio Relay League’s (ARRL) revised “US Amateur Radio Bands” charts are now available for download here.

The updated charts show the new 630m and 2200m bands although they are not yet available for Amateur Radio use.  According to the ARRL page, “the effective date of the recent FCC Report & Order granting these allocations has not yet been determined, and until the start date has been set, it is not legal under an Amateur Radio license to transmit on either band. The FCC will publish a notice in The Federal Register ‘announcing such approval and the relevant effective date.’ ARRL will announce the UTC notification procedures and the effective date to use these new bands as soon as these are known.



Amateur Radio Forum?

forumWe are trying to gauge interest in adding discussion forums to the Amateur Radio Kentuckiana website and we want your input!

These discussion forum would provide a place for hams in the Kentuckiana area of Greater Louisville, Southern Indiana, throughout the region, and beyond to chat online, ask and answer questions, share news, learn about the amateur radio service both as a hobby and as a practical tool, as well as buying, selling, and trading radio equipment.

The forum would also provide a place to ask for help on equipment repair, where to find gear or parts, arrange for on-the-air meetups just to chat or to perform equipment checks, arrange ride-shares to hamfests, and more.

Please vote in the poll and leave any comments below about whether you would be interested in the addition of discussion forums.

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GOP Plans to Fight Net Neutrality… Including Possible Defunding of the FCC

The Wall Street Journal ran a story today (Republicans Lay Plans to Fight FCC’s Net-Neutrality Rules), but they hid it behind their pay wall.  If you’ve got a subscription, you can read the article above.  If not, that’s OK…  Android Authority also ran a story covering the GOP fight of Net Neutrality at Republicans will try to defund the FCC if net neutrality moves forward.

Net Neutrality advocates want the FCC to classify broadband providers as a utility which would allow the FCC to actually have authority over rules/regulations already in place. At the moment, the FCC’s power is minimal at best. But according to Republicans, net neutrality is a “step too far” and “regulatory overreach by the FCC” and that such rules could hurt future progress with cyber-security and wireless spectrum.

Android Authority went on to quote WSJ:

In the House, a Republican staffer for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which oversees the FCC, said lawmakers won’t know what steps they will take until they see the agency’s final plan. But all options are on the table, he said, including legislation to block reclassification and cutting the agency’s budget.

KB6NU Creates an Audio Version of Amateur Radio Study Guide

Although no basic study guide could possibly instill every nuance of amateur radio to the reader, these types of guides are a great, quick way for aspiring operators to get their license.  Ham radio licenses are often called a “ticket,” and rightly so.  The technician class license is just that… a ticket into the world of amateur radio and, from there, operators can get their feet wet and learn more in an “hands on” environment.

Several members of my family have earned their licenses using Dan KB6NU’s No Nonsense Study Guides and these guides also played a role in my own license exam prep.  But not everyone has the time (or the eyes) to stare at a PDF on a computer screen for hours on end or the desire to print out hundreds of pages from their printer.

KB6NU has come up with a solution to that – he is turning his No Nonsense Study Guides into an audio book format, starting with the technician guide.

The first chapter is finished and posted on his website.  Have a listen below and visit the link above to provide Dan with feedback on subsequent chapters.

RIP NM4K – Silent Key

NM4K operating W1AW.  Photo via QRZ.com

NM4K working W1AW. Photo via QRZ.com

Shared via Facebook:

Bill NM4K passed away late this morning. Bill was a friend to many and will be greatly missed by all in the local ham community.

According to Bill’s QRZ page, he had been a licensed ham for the last 34 years, receiving his extra class license after only 14 months of involvement with the ham radio community.  Bill’s amateur radio interests included DXing and contesting.  Bill participated in both national and local radio organizations as a member of the ARRL, Derby City DX Association and the Kentucky Contest Group in addition to  his participation with the Louisville Electronic Homebrewers Club.


NRA 143rd Birthday Special Event Operation

Second Amendment advocacy group National Rifle Association is celebrating their 143 birthday this year and that birthday is being celebrated by radio amateurs.  To commemorate the anniversary of the Nov. 17, 1871 founding of the NRA, the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club (YARC) of Prescott, AZ, will operate a special event station from 1500Z to 2400Z.

The special event station will operate from the Gunsite Academy campus in Paulden, AZ. The special event call sign will be K7NRA.  Planned frequencies for special event operations include 7.250, 14.050, 14.250 and 21.335 MHz.  All amateur stations, especially those operated by NRA members and Gunsite alumni, are urged to participate.  A special certificate will be awarded to those stations making contact during the event.

QSL with a 9 x 12 SASE to:

P.O. Box 11994
Prescott, AZ 86304

RIP KI4EZN – Silent Key

Shared via Facebook:

Amateur Radio in Kentucky lost one our own yesterday. Donald Z. (Don) Messer of Louisville was found by his daughter at home dead. His call sign was KI4EZN and was an active member of Navy-Marine CORPS MARS in Ky. He was retired from Naval Ordnance Station. Visitation will be Monday, Nov. 10th from 9:30 am until 11:30 am with a service at 11:30 am at Rattermans on Cane Run Rd. RIP old friend.

ARRL 2015 Handbook Now Available

2015 ARRL HandbookThe 2015 ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications is now available.  This 92nd edition of the handbook provides valuable information for radio amateurs of all skill and experience levels.  In addition to discussing radio theory fundamentals, the handbook also includes circuit designs, information about digital operations, antenna construction pointers, and more.

The Handbook, available in both hardcover and softcover editions, is a must-have for the ham shack with 1320 pages of information on building your shack – including station design, equipment troubleshooting and repair, and RF interference reduction.  New projects in this years edition include a simple adjustable tracking power supply, tri-band moxon yagi antenna, legal-limit bias-t and an 8-channel remote control antenna switch.  The new edition also includes updated material on the state of Solar Cycle 24, the annual transceiver model review and a suite of applications on CD-ROM from Tonne Software, including a new version of the ELSIE™ filter design program.

2015 ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-62595-020-8
2015 ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications Softcover ISBN: 978-1-62595-019-2