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Louisville Ham Radio


Low Power FM Broadcast is Alive in Louisville

Thanks in part to various interests of mine, Low-Power FM radio (LPFM) is near and dear to me.  As such, I was happy to see the Radio Free Louisville article in LEO.

Since its inception in the early part of the 20th century, radio has commanded an unparalleled place of cultural power. The narrative of the apocalyptic radio broadcast — a staple in our contemporary “prepper” zombified zeitgeist — reveres radio as the most imminently durable and reliable technology. In countless pop culture references (from “Under the Dome” to “Walking Dead”), radio is the last voice of the people, the last available communication tool capable of saving civilization.

With four local stations recently awarded their FM broadcast licenses, Louisville is finally seeing the effects of the 2011 Local Community Radio Act, which made dial space accessible to Low Power FM (LPFM) stations and opened up the playing field to voices outside corporate and National Public Radio. That it has taken so long for the airwaves to become available to diverse public voices speaks to the economy of a medium long outpriced and regulated beyond grassroots reach.

Finish reading the article here and, if you’re the LPFM guy I talked to at the Vette City hamfest, get in touch with me!