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CES is this week. Will we see new Amateur Radio gear?

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show is this week, and what could be more consumer electronic-y than some fresh new ham radio gear?

As in past years, I will be attending a couple days of the show for work and will keep an eye out for new amateur radio gear.  Unfortunately, previous attempts to be on the lookout for ham tech have been eminently disappointing.  I have found some manufacturers of cheap Chinese HTs and aftermarket batteries, but the Big 3 have been either absent or focusing on other market segments.

Maybe this year will be better with fewer e-cigs and bedazzled cell phone cases and more ham stuff.  If not, it’s only a short wait until the big Amateur Radio shindig at the NAB – where we’ll have the chance to win more goodies and rub elbows with the likes of Bob Heil and his tried-and-true “there, that sounds much better” shtick to open the event.

If you know of a CES exhibitor in the ham realm that we should check out, be sure to share it below in the comments.

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